Revinia - Storefront Designs (2020)
Designed the UI and interactions for a new and emerging brand within the skincare industry. Responsible for the eCommerce storefront, I collaborated with an art director to align the visual direction of the site with the developing packaging and marketing designs.

Revinia Desktop Navigation
Revinia Our Story Page

Purium - Visual Redesign (2019)
A new visual design for Purium’s eCommerce store for their annual partners and members convention. Redesigned key pages with the goals of product discovery and ingredient education.

Purium PDP Design
Purium Ingredients PDP Design

Thrive Causemetics - ADA Compliance (2020)
Provided a visual update to focus indicators and keyboard tabbing. Design considerations with WCAG 2.0 references: 1.3.1 Info and Relationships, 1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence, 2.4.1 Bypass Blocks, 2.4.3 Focus Order, & 2.4.7 Focus Visible.

ADA Navigation
ADA Dropdown

Slidebelts - Homepage & PDP (2019)
Redesigned homepage and PDP highlighting their flagship product: The Survival Belt 2.0. I included custom iconography and focused on interactive sections where users could explore the features.

Slidebelts Homepage Design
Slidebelts Survivial Belt PDP Design

Black Halo - About Us (2020)
Part of a website redesign, I designed the "About Us" page to tell the story of designer and founder, Laurel Berman's vision of LA fashion.

Black Halo About Us
Black Halo About Us

LuMee - Interactive Section (2019)
An interactive homepage section where users are able to use a slider to view before & after images.

LuMee Before & After Section
LuMee Before & After Section

LuMee - Bottom Navigation (2020)
Updated filtering and bottom navigation redesign. Product imagery was used to highlight the case and camera opening, one of the key indicators in identifying a phone model.

LuMee Filter Device
LuMee Filter Device Selected
LuMee Filter Collections
LuMee Product Bottom Nav
LuMee Device Type Bottom Nav
LuMee Collections Bottom Nav